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Benefits of exercise for your health

Here are 9 surprisingAi??health benefits of exercise:

1. Sleep better. Regular exercise helps you sleep better, provided itai??i??s not done within 2 to 3 hours of your bedtime. Exercise can also reduce and sometimes eliminate sleep apnea, a frustrating and potentially health-threatening sleep disorder that causes disruptions in breathing.

2. Reduce your risk for skin cancer. Studies show that regular exercise lowers your risk for skin cancer, including life-threatening melanoma.

3.Ai??Be happy. If youai??i??ve heard of ai???runnerai??i??s high,ai??? then you know that exercise makes people happy. Thatai??i??s because exercise boosts mood-enhancing or feel-good endorphins.

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4. Reduce heartburn. Studies show that regular exercise, especially less stressful aerobic types like swimming and walking, reduce the severity of acid reflux or heartburn. And reducing heartburn can also help you sleep better.

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5. natural like viagra. Improve your acne. Because regular exercise helps regulate blood sugar, it helps reduce inflammation which can improve acne. It also reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, which is an acne trigger.

6. Have more energy. Many studies show that exercise, even just a few times a week, boosts energy. And morning exercisers reap the biggest benefit. If you need some help learning how to exercise in the morning, check out this post on 5 Tips for Starting a Morning Exercise Routine.

7. Improve chronic pain rayh health care pvt ltd viagra. . Losing weight is critical to improving chronic pain since the Ai??moreAi??weight you carry, the more pressure and pain to your joints and bones youai??i??ll experience. Exercise alsoAi??reducesAi??pain because it reducesAi??inflammation.

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8. bestrxonlinepharmacy, bestrxonlinepharmacy, bestrxonlinepharmacy, bestrxonlinepharmacy, bestrxonlinepharmacy, bestrxonlinepharmacy, bestrxonlinepharmacy, bestrxonlinepharmacy. Reduce your risk for Alzheimerai??i??s.Ai??A 2012 study from Rush University Medical CenterAi??showed that daily exercise significantly reduced your risk for Alzheimerai??i??s, even if ai??i??get thisai??i?? you start exercising after the age of 80.

9.Ai??Reduce your risk for psoriasis.Ai??A 2012 study from Harvard Medical SchoolAi??showed that vigorous aerobic exercise and calisthenics are associated with a reduced risk of psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition.

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